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1. What is a decal and how do I install my decal?

A decal is a thin piece of vinyl with a sticky backing that has no background so what you place it on will be the background. Your decal will come ready to apply sandwiched between wax backing paper and the front application tape. Decals are not permanent and can be removed.                                                                        

  If you have never attempted or have never applied a vinyl decal to a vehicle surface we recommend taking the time to read up on the process or watch Youtube videos. Please see our Install Guide tab at the top of any page for the proper info and links.



2. What if I don't like it , like the color , the size is wrong or I messed it up ?

We 100% inspect each decal several times before it leaves so that once it's shipped we have done our part to give you what you need to have a error free installation.  Once your order leaves for shipping we take no claim on how  the customer installs it. We "DO NOT" refund or replace decals that you purchase and do not like because of color, size, look.  Please be sure you want it before purchasing.

If you feel you got a defective decal please do not use it and contact us right away with an attached photo of the defective part.  We have had customers try and pass a bad installation job off as our production error so this is why we need a photo. If you have a legit defective decal from us then we will get you a replacement sent right away.  NOTE: We cannot refund ,we only send replacements. We also do not replace your decal if you contact us stating the box was empty. We would never send you an empty box.


3. My decal arrived smashed up by the delivery company can you send a new one?

We use high rated load boxes for our banners and use extra protection for the smaller decals. We have no control of your package once it is shipped out so if it arrives damaged please call your local post office to let them know how your package was handled. We do not offer insurance so that we can keep prices low and for that reason we cannot replace a decal that gets damaged during delivery. Keep in mind although packaging and boxes do sometimes get banged up damage beyond use to the items inside are rare.


 4.Why don't you accept returns and have warranties?

Each order is manufactured only when a order is placed so if you order a specific size and color and wanted to return it then that decal cannot be resold as everyone has different taste. Giving there are so many variables with weather, prep work, user install mistakes etc.. we cannot offer a warranty.




5.How can I tell if it will fit my vehicle?

For windshield/window banners we make them common sizes so that they fit most vehicles. We try not to oversize them so in most cases you still have room on each side of your windshield after install. Plus many states have laws of how low your windshield decal can be. We try and keep our banners within that size. Most modern windshields will have a small line  letting you know that's as low as it should go or a rule of thumb is to not go below the tinted part of your upper windshield. If you are unsure please check with your local law and measure your windshield before buying a decal that is to large for your window. EXAMPLE: A  4" High decal is ok for most normal size cars and trucks but on something like a Jeep with a smaller windshield 4" may block to much view. 

      For body graphics we offer several sizes and we recommend measuring your vehicle where you want you graphics placed and purchase the size that best fits. After in place on your vehicle you may trim the graphic to fit around door handles, fenders , doors etc. 



6.What brand of vinyl do you use?

We use the industry standard Oracal Outdoor vinyl.



7. How long will the vinyl last on my vehicle?

Oracal states the vinyl can last up to 7+ years depending on your areas annual weather conditions.




8. I'm not sure my payment went through what should I do?

If you bought something using for example Paypal and you are not sure your payment went through we recommend not trying to buy it again. Give it some time to see if it's been deducted from your Paypal account.  We will also contact you through email if you had a purchase and payment was not received on our end. In these cases check to make sure your browser popup blocker is not blocking Paypal.





9. My order has not showed up. Where is it?

We ask that you please allow up to 14 business days for your package to show up at your door from the ship date. We provide a tracking number on everything we ship and sometimes tracking may not update until it is at your door. We are based in TN and when sending a package across country to LA your tracking number may say it left TN 4 days ago and has not updated since then. However your decal is still on it's way too you ,the USPS may or may not scan the package during it's trip. But they will scan it once it reaches the address you provided.

If 14 business days have passed and you still have not receive your package please check your tracking number that was provided and contact us. We will also check the tracking number and or call the USPS.


10.My tracking number says my package is being returned. Why?

In this case you provided a undeliverable address during checkout. This means USPS cannot deliver to that address because it either isn't there, someone declined to accept it, wrong house number, wrong Apt. numbers ect.. In this case you are responsible for providing the correct address to us. You will need to repurchase your item with a correct address.


11.My tracking number says my package was delivered but It's not here!

It's possible the mailman could not leave your package at your location and it was sent to your local post office for pickup or you entered someone Else's address during checkout and it was delivered to them.In this case you usually cannot recover the item.  It's also possible it was stolen from your property which is out of our control.

You are responsible for the correct address and your property.



12. I entered the correct address, it's been 14 business days and my package still says not delivered.

In this rare case please contact us and we will check into it. If we determine USPS lost your package then we will send you a replacement.



13. Why was my order canceled and refunded? 

We hold the right to cancel your order at any time for any reason. Usually you will be sent a explanation if your order is canceled.


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