Install Guide

Installing a windshield banner or small decal can be an easy process (5-30 minutes) if the proper prep work and tools are used. If this will be your first window banner or decal install then we recommend visiting the video links below so you can better understand how you'll be applying it.

 Large Decals such as our hood decals can be installed by yourself but we highly recommend letting a professional do it for you if you don't think you can handle it. Your local sign or paint and body shops will usually install them for a small fee.     

If you plan to use a decal on a tinted window or dark surface then you can use a lighter color such as white for better contrast. Although we recommend it, it's not required. Choose the color that best fits your style.

 Also note unless stated otherwise all of our window decals such as the banners are not arched, but like any decal they will follow the natural arch of your windshield/window.

 Our decals are not only limited to vehicles you can also use them on: lockers,tool boxes,mirrors,windows,ipads,tablets,laptops,boats,motorcycles,helmets, metal cabinets and machines.

(do not use decals on walls, rough surfaces or wood materials)


 TIP: This simple list will make installing your new decal simple.

1. Optional extra person (for large decals)

2. Tape (such as masking tape or painters tape)

3. Scissors

4. Squeegee or Credit Card

5. Window Cleaner And Towel





VIDEO DIRECTIONS FOR SMALL VEHICLE DECALS (wet install). We also recommended this method for large body graphics that need to be moved into position. This method also requires a bigger learning curve and time. Please search youtube for applying large body graphics such as large hood, side body and tailgate decals.



Video Links For Installing Large Hood Decals
The same methods shown in these videos can also be used to apply our decals to other areas of a vehicle such as the doors, trunk, tailgate etc..



We recommend a dry install using the "hinge method" for beginners when applying windshield banners. You can use the hinge method on all the windshield banners we sell. Follow directions from the video or written directions below.





Note: The ideal temperature for installing auto decals is 57-88 degrees. Try to avoid cold temperatures and direct sunlight on hot days. Move vehicle to a shade on hot days or move inside on cold days.

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