What Are Windshield Banners

Windshield Banners are another word for a windshield decal or a vinyl decal that goes on a windshield/window.  It's called a banner because they are usually longer than 20 inches and are made using vinyl, which are what banners you see at sporting events , welcome home signs etc..are made from.  Some people even call them windshield stickers, which they really aren't because stickers are not applied the same way and do not last as long as vinyl windshield banners. 

Windshield banners like the kind we offer are state of the art vinyl that is cut using a special vinyl machine. But before they can be cut, the designs have to be created using special software and knowledge of the software. We have many years of experience of designing windshield banners and we believe we offer the coolest windshield banners to customers.

After windshield banners are designed and cut they have to be carefully weeded and prepped for the application tap ( the tape that will transfer the windshield banner to the final surface). The vinyl which the windshield banners are made from is designed with the perfect amount of adhesive that will allow it to stick really well to a windshield but not so well that it cannot be removed at a later date. 

High quality Windshield Banners (which is what we offer) can last up to 7 years on a vehicle before you see noticeable peeling and fading from a distance.  Once ready to remove windshield banners a heat gun or hair dryer can be used to warm up the vinyl allowing the adhesive to release easier. There will be sticky residue remaining from the removal but that can be cleaned off with some elbow grease and something like Goo Gone.

   Overall, windshield banners are fun affordable vehicle accessories that can be used to express yourself or even promote a business. We recommend everyone get a cool new windshield banner!  I have one on my own Nissan Titan truck that I like to change out every year to something else cool!

Below are some samples of cool windshield banners you can put on your own vehicle. And you can always browse all of our banners here


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